Areas of Expertise
The personnel of John D. Mercer and Associates have performed a broad range of design and management services on a variety of projects, including:
  • Water Systems:
      Elevated Storage 
      Ground Storage 
      Pressure Tanks 
      Booster Pumps
      Distribution Systems
  • Wastewater Systems:
      Treatment Plants 
      Lift Stations
      Collection Systems 
      System and Line Rehabilitation
  • Streets:
  • Drainage:
      Local Drainage Improvements
      Major Out-Falls
      Storm Sewers
  • Structural:
      Design and Evaluation of concrete foundation systems.
  • Environmental:
      • United States EPA
        Texas Natural Resource
        Conservation Commission
        Corps of Engineers, American 
        Petroleum Institute, and several local and regional requirements
    • Permitting
      Permit Amendments 
      Compliance with Enforcement Orders 
      Design relative to the:
  • Industrial:
      Operations Buildings 
      Support Structures 
      Plant Water Systems 
      Safety and Environmental Equipment and Systems, 
      Marine Related Structures
      Support Equipment and Systems